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Pronouns: He/him

Aaron Wallis is from Atkins, Arkansas. It could be described as an "if you blink, you'll miss it" kind of small town, but it's home.

Aaron works in higher education as a digital media specialist. Outside of work, he is a storyteller, podcaster, photographer, designer, social media geek, TV addict and pop culture junkie.  A queer of many talents!

How does he spend most nights? Well, probably cuddled up in bed with his husband, Jon, their two dogs Brooke and Sophia watching a soap opera from forty years ago. 

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Pronouns: He/him

Rick Clifton hails all the way from the not-so-fictional town you all came to know & love in The Andy Griffith Show. Yes, Mayberry is a real place, and no, Aunt Bea is not nearly as nice as she was in the show!


Rick is a two-time Emmy award-winning producer as well as an award-winning director and podcaster. He has been producing content for DreamWorks since 2008 and has worked on over 20 feature films as well as 40+ television series.


He has also created content for NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Peacock, and more.


Fun fact, he’s probably thinking about what’s for lunch right now. 

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